Frequently Asked Questions - USB Flash Drive

The Integral AES 256-bit encryption range of USB Flash Drives for Apple Macs are fully compatible with Intel-based Mac computers or MacBook laptops running Apple Mac OS X and above.

However, the Integral AES 256-bit encryption range of USB Flash Drives does not support the older PowerPC processors/architecture, which were replaced by Apple in the beginning of 2006.

To identify which processor you have please follow the below support article from Apple:



The INTEGRAL CRYPTO MAC is only compatible with MACs. It will not work in a Windows PC.  (There are INTEGRAL CRYPTO USB DRIVES available for Windows PCs only).

No. It is recommended to turn off the endpoint security software's encryption, as double-encryption may occur and can cause the Integral encrypted USB not to function accurately.

Yes. All endpoint security software on the market allows the Administrator to create an exception for certain hardware IDs to run. As an Administrator you need to give the Integral AES encrypted USB an exception under the endpoint's hardware ID feature and ensure that the TotalLock.exe program has the privilege to run off the USB Flash Drive.

On a domain many security policies can be set to maintain security on the network. If you are a Network Administrator ensure that you give the following permissions for users to run the TotalLock.exe application:

Registry Keys:
The TotalLock.exe requires modify permissions on the following keys:

The TotalLock.exe requires permissions to execute the "mountvol.exe" program found in the following path:

If you are still experiencing issues running the TotalLock.exe program for your users please fill out the Tech Support form and we can assist in your issue.


Make sure you have ‘AutoPlay' enabled on your computer. You may need to check with your network administrator as they have disabled this feature on your network. Otherwise, follow the instructions for your operating system:

For XP:
Microsoft has a fix available off their website called AutoPlay Repair Wizard. This can be downloaded from the following link:

For Windows Vista/7:

Click the Start Icon and select "Control Panel"
In Control Panel double-click the "AutoPlay" icon.
Ensure the "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" check box is checked.

Secondly you can try the following:

Click the Start Icon and type "regedit.exe" and run it.
Locate the following key:
Locate the "AutoRun" registry value in the right pane, and check that the value data for this is set as "1", which is enabled. If it is "0" then double click the key and change the value to "1".


No. The PC version of the Integral AES 256-bit encrypted range of USBs will not work on Apple or Linux OS computers. To meet your USB security needs on Apple computers, we recommend our Crypto Drive Mac Edition.

Unfortunately it will not function as it requires the AES USB Flash Drive's secure partition to be unlocked. We recommend you purchase non-encrypted USB.

This is because Chinese and Japanese language fonts have not been installed on your computer. To do so follow the below instructions for your Operating System:


Windows XP

Click Start and select Control Panel.
Double-click "Regional and Language Options"
Click the "Languages" tab and check the box labelled "Install files for East Asian languages", Click Apply.
Windows will prompt you to restart the computer.


This could be because there is no default pdf file reader installed on your PC/Mac. You will need to download and install a PDF reader to view the manual. There are many free pdf readers available on the internet, such as Adobe Reader. Search for "pdf reader" in any search engine and download and install from a trusted source.

Yes, Crypto Drive contains an optional "Personal ID Function". You can store your name, address, phone number and company name on the Drive, whilst your confidential data remains secure at all times.

No administrative privileges are required to use the Integral Crypto Drives.

You can setup a clue/hint on the password setup screen and it is highly recommended to do so. For example, if your password was "Superman88" your password hint might be "My favourite comic book". Once this is setup you can click on the question mark button to display your present clue/hint of your password.

After 6 failed password attempts, all data will be erased and the Integral AES 256bit encrypted Flash Drive will be reset to factory settings.

The USB Flash Drive is then reusable. Due to the nature of the USB it is not possible to recover the passwords and it is highly recommended to set a password hint when setting up the encrypted USB. 

We DO NOT have any "back-door" tools to recover data.

You should always have a secure backup of your data.

The Total Lock user interface is pre-loaded in 24 languages that can be selected when the USB is first setup. These include:

  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Finish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish



Even though you have moved the images/ data to the trash they will remain in a trash folder within the flash drive until you use the 'empty trash' option whilst the device is connected to the 'Mac'. Once you have emptied the trash the space will be available again on the flash drive.

  • This could be the reason why a USB Flash Drive may show full when inserted into a Mac computer.
  • Each USB device (such as an Integral USB Flash Drive) that you plug into a PC or Mac draws power from the system. Each device draws the power consumption that it needs to operate. Each device is slightly different in what power it draws.
  1. If you use a USB hub so that you can plug in many USB devices, then this will also be quite a drain on the power from the PC/Mac. The more USB devices you have, the more power you are drawing from the PC/Mac and there will come a cut off point where the PC/Mac cannot output enough power to support all the devices.
  2. We suggest that if you are connecting a USB hub to attach more USB devices to your PC/Mac then you will need to independently power the USB hub (e.g. plug into mains power) so that it will have sufficient power for all USB devices attached to it.