Integral Memory at INFOSEC WORLD Orlando

See the Integral FIPS 140-2 and FIPS 197 validated 256-bit AES encrypted drives at INFOSEC WORLD Conference and Expo, Orlando 19-21st April 2011. Our booth 316, is open on the Expo days April 19th and 20th.

Also on show will be the NEW Crypto DUAL and Crypto DUAL+


  • The drive features DUAL user and master passwords - This allows for a user who has forgotten their password to present the drive to their administrator for unlocking with a master password
  • Each drive is etched with a unique key - So that administrators can log the key against a user
  • PC and MAC compatible - Securely transfers files between PCs and MACs
  • The drive will erase data and reset if user or master password is entered incorrectly 6 times


  • The Crypto DUAL+ includes all the features of the Crypto DUAL
  • Available in capacities starting at 64GB with a future roadmap to 1TB.
  • 4-Channel controller access for faster read and write speeds.

Both drive are FIPS 197 validated with FIPS-140-2 pending and have all the features of the current CRYPTO range including.

  • Zero footprint installation - No software to load
  • Secure entry - Data cannot be accessed without the correct 8-16 character high strength password
  • 100% privacy - Mandatory encryption of all files transferred to the drive
  • Brute force password protection - The drive will erase all data and reset after 6 failed password attempts
  • Rugged design with a steel inner casing and epoxy resin to deter physical break-in
  • Easy to use with multilingual interface